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Wild Style Breakbeats

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Kay-Dee Records


Down by Law (Kenny Dope Edit),
Subway Beat (Kenny Dope Edit),
Crime Cut (Kenny Dope Edit),
Cuckoo Clocking (Kenny Dope Edit),
Gangbusters (Kenny Dope Edit),
Meetings (Kenny Dope Edit),
Busy Bee's (Kenny Dope Edit),
Military Cut (Kenny Dope Edit),
B-Boy Beat (Kenny Dope Edit),
Jungle Beat (Kenny Dope Edit),
Baby Beat (Kenny Dope Edit),
Yawning Beat (Kenny Dope Edit),
Razor Cut (Kenny Dope Edit)


1 Down by Law (Kenny Dope Edit) 00:03:05
2 Subway Beat (Kenny Dope Edit) 00:03:36
3 Crime Cut (Kenny Dope Edit) 00:03:21
4 Cuckoo Clocking (Kenny Dope Edit) 00:03:08
5 Gangbusters (Kenny Dope Edit) 00:03:11
6 Meetings (Kenny Dope Edit) 00:03:06
7 Busy Bee's (Kenny Dope Edit) 00:02:56
8 Military Cut (Kenny Dope Edit) 00:03:16
9 B-Boy Beat (Kenny Dope Edit) 00:02:18
10 Jungle Beat (Kenny Dope Edit) 00:02:40
11 Baby Beat (Kenny Dope Edit) 00:02:54
12 Yawning Beat (Kenny Dope Edit) 00:03:33
13 Razor Cut (Kenny Dope Edit) 00:03:47


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