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History Halloween (The Best Classic Songs)

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Tam-Tam Media


The Halloween Song,
Skeleton in the Closet,
Hush, Hush, Hush, Here Comes the Bogeyman,
Haunted House,
Ghost in the Graveyard,
The Little Man Who Wasn't There,
Jeepers Creepers,
The Ghost of Smokey Joe,
Halloween Spooks,
St. James Infirmary,
Dancing the Devil Away,
Skeleton in the Closet,
Ghost Dance,
The House Is Haunted,
Monstro the Whale,
Mysterious Mose,
I'm a Ghost,
The Devil with the Devil,
The Bat,
The Nightmare,
Swingin' at the Séance,
The Ghost Walk,
Haunted House,
Graveyard Boogie,
Satan Takes a Holiday,
Satan Takes a Holiday,
Undertaker Blues,
Celery Stalks at Midnight,
I'm the Boogey Man,
White Shivers,
I Put a Spell on You,
Haunted Blues,
The Wobblin Goblin,
Mr. Ghost Goes to Town,
Taint No Sin (To Take Your Skin Off),
The Skeleton Rag,
Dead Man Blues,
The Headless Horseman,
Skeleton in the Closet


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