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B. Loves Ze

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ZE Records


Pini, Pini,
Lady Scarface,
Torso Corso,
Outlaw (August Darnell Remix),
Contort Yourself,
The Closet,
I'm an Indian, Too,
La poupée qui fait non,
French Boy,
Wheel Me Out,
What Can I Do for You?


1 Pini, Pini 00:02:28
2 Lady Scarface 00:03:14
3 Torso Corso 00:01:53
4 Outlaw (August Darnell Remix) 00:05:16
5 Contort Yourself 00:04:26
6 The Closet 00:02:54
7 I'm an Indian, Too 00:03:24
8 La poupée qui fait non 00:07:40
9 Narcissique 00:03:34
10 French Boy 00:03:06
11 Wheel Me Out 00:07:06
12 What Can I Do for You? 00:03:44


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