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The Night God Slept

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Solid State Records


The Well, XX (City Grave), I Drowned in the Desert, Native Blood, Tiny Hands (Au Revoir), Firstwake, Darkstrand (Hibakusha), First Mother (Lilith), To Thirst for the Sea, Wasteland, Depths II


1 The Well 00:03:00
2 XX (City Grave) 00:02:52
3 I Drowned in the Desert 00:01:28
4 Native Blood 00:03:53
5 Tiny Hands (Au Revoir) 00:03:31
6 Firstwake 00:04:14
7 Darkstrand (Hibakusha) 00:03:17
8 First Mother (Lilith) 00:02:35
9 To Thirst for the Sea 00:01:06
10 Wasteland 00:03:29
11 Depths II 00:03:13



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