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Federal Thoughts (Kidnapping, Extortion & Corruption)



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Bearfaced / Rapbay / Urbanlife Music


Federal Thoughts, All U See Is the Struggle, Birds n da Kitchen (feat. Molly Wood, Lil Rod, Thrillife da Don & Phishscale), Wish I Didnt F*ck Her (feat. Sippa), What I Wouldn't Do (feat. G-Dirty), Representin '06, Personal (feat. 600bj), Oppression, Bury the Hatchet, Only One, Peel Away, Never Made It (feat. Lil Rod), Federal Nightmares (feat. Shady Nate & Thrill), Weight (Free Lil D), Nutin but U, Sumtn Up (feat. G-Dirty & Mel Koda), All Day (feat. Fe da Don), Streets Keep Callin (feat. Sippa), She Say


1 Federal Thoughts 00:00:13
2 All U See Is the Struggle 00:03:32
3 Birds n da Kitchen (feat. Molly Wood, Lil Rod, Thrillife da Don & Phishscale) 00:04:28
4 Wish I Didnt F*ck Her (feat. Sippa) 00:04:59
5 What I Wouldn't Do (feat. G-Dirty) 00:04:36
6 Representin '06 00:03:49
7 Personal (feat. 600bj) 00:03:27
8 Oppression 00:04:07
9 Bury the Hatchet 00:03:04
10 Only One 00:03:28
11 Peel Away 00:04:08
12 Never Made It (feat. Lil Rod) 00:03:04
13 Federal Nightmares (feat. Shady Nate & Thrill) 00:04:57
14 Weight (Free Lil D) 00:03:49
15 Nutin but U 00:03:33
16 Sumtn Up (feat. G-Dirty & Mel Koda) 00:04:04
17 All Day (feat. Fe da Don) 00:04:44
18 Streets Keep Callin (feat. Sippa) 00:04:23
19 She Say 00:04:42



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