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Lay All Your Love On Me - A Euro Beat Tribute To Abba

Publication Information

Cleopatra Records


Gimme Gimme Gimme,
Knowing Me, Knowing You (U Don't Know Me Remix),
Super Trouper,
Lay All Your Love on Me,
Voulez Vous,
Take a Chance on Me,
The Winner Takes It All,
Money Money Money,
Dancing Queen,
Knowing Me, Knowing You (Know-How Remix),


1 Gimme Gimme Gimme 00:03:31
2 Waterloo 00:03:35
3 Knowing Me, Knowing You (U Don't Know Me Remix) 00:05:18
4 S.O.S. 00:03:47
5 Super Trouper 00:04:04
6 Lay All Your Love on Me 00:04:12
7 Voulez Vous 00:04:34
8 Take a Chance on Me 00:03:18
9 The Winner Takes It All 00:04:36
10 Money Money Money 00:03:13
11 Dancing Queen 00:03:32
12 Knowing Me, Knowing You (Know-How Remix) 00:03:19
13 Chiquitita 00:03:26


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