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Welcome to the Nightmare - an All-Star Salute to Alice Cooper

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Magik Records


Welcome to My Nightmare,
Dead Babies,
School's Out,
Black Widow,
Bed of Nails,
Go to Hell,
Roses On White Lace,
Cold Ethyl,
Under My Wheels,
No More Mr. Nice Guy,
Billion Dollar Babies,
Only Women Bleed


1 Welcome to My Nightmare 00:05:13
2 Dead Babies 00:05:42
3 School's Out 00:04:00
4 Black Widow 00:04:49
5 Bed of Nails 00:03:58
6 Go to Hell 00:04:37
7 Roses On White Lace 00:04:25
8 Cold Ethyl 00:04:04
9 Under My Wheels 00:03:21
10 Elected 00:04:00
11 No More Mr. Nice Guy 00:03:41
12 Billion Dollar Babies 00:03:59
13 Eighteen 00:05:11
14 Only Women Bleed 00:05:43


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