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Marriage Story (Original Music from the Netflix Film)

Publication Information

Lakeshore Records


What I Love About Nicole,
What I Love About Charlie,
Last Critique,
Procession to the Trailer,
Nicole Tells Her Story,
Mommy Phase,
Trick or Treat,
New House,
Sockpants / Dirty Sockpants,
Shouting and Shopping,
Separate Lives,
What I Love About Charlie (Reprise),
Sgt. Pepper Shoelaces,
End of Story (Credits)


1 What I Love About Nicole 00:03:25
2 What I Love About Charlie 00:03:43
3 Last Critique 00:01:41
4 Procession to the Trailer 00:01:20
5 Nicole Tells Her Story 00:01:02
6 Mommy Phase 00:01:01
7 Trick or Treat 00:01:19
8 New House 00:01:32
9 Sockpants / Dirty Sockpants 00:01:27
10 Shouting and Shopping 00:01:40
11 Separate Lives 00:01:12
12 What I Love About Charlie (Reprise) 00:01:36
13 Sgt. Pepper Shoelaces 00:01:07
14 End of Story (Credits) 00:02:46


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