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Hot Ideas 2015


Jazz to the Beat Step, Bouncing Back Again, Beat of the Desert Night, Dangerous Dog in Town, Fonkington City, Forth and Back and Forth, Serious Lies I Told, Hip Hop Incorporated, Abby in the Lab Again, Intrusion Confusion, I Call You Out, Living on the Street, Mona Lisa in the Stars, Now You See It Feel It, Rap It up and Down


1 Jazz to the Beat Step 00:02:51
2 Bouncing Back Again 00:02:55
3 Beat of the Desert Night 00:03:18
4 Dangerous Dog in Town 00:02:40
5 Fonkington City 00:02:13
6 Forth and Back and Forth 00:02:28
7 Serious Lies I Told 00:04:12
8 Hip Hop Incorporated 00:03:05
9 Abby in the Lab Again 00:02:11
10 Intrusion Confusion 00:03:08
11 I Call You Out 00:02:48
12 Living on the Street 00:02:50
13 Mona Lisa in the Stars 00:03:07
14 Now You See It Feel It 00:03:08
15 Rap It up and Down 00:02:09



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