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Almost a Full Moon

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Isadora Records


Claire Fontaine,
Learn How to Knit,
First Snow of the Year,
Merry Christmas (I Love You),
Common Cold,
3 Generations,
A House or Maybe a Boat,
Almost a Full Moon,
Watching the Fires,
Silent Night


1 Claire Fontaine 00:03:09
2 Learn How to Knit 00:03:26
3 First Snow of the Year 00:03:09
4 Merry Christmas (I Love You) 00:03:50
5 Common Cold 00:03:07
6 3 Generations 00:03:44
7 A House or Maybe a Boat 00:03:04
8 Almost a Full Moon 00:04:54
9 Watching the Fires 00:03:40
10 Silent Night 00:04:36


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