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Cannonball Holocaust

Publication Information

Cimex Records


Wild Time,
Hate 2000 Blues,
Trapped Inside,
Bring Down the Hammer,
Straight Down to Hell,
Crazy Little Boy,
Revolution All Around,
Desperate City (I Get the Fuck out),
Staying Home with Mommy,
You Been Gone,
I Just Can't Help Myself


1 Wild Time 00:02:31
2 Hate 2000 Blues 00:02:35
3 Trapped Inside 00:02:39
4 Bring Down the Hammer 00:03:02
5 Straight Down to Hell 00:02:24
6 Faster 00:01:57
7 Crazy Little Boy 00:01:49
8 Revolution All Around 00:03:31
9 Desperate City (I Get the Fuck out) 00:02:15
10 Staying Home with Mommy 00:01:38
11 You Been Gone 00:03:26
12 Hollywood 00:02:10
13 Boom 00:02:26
14 I Just Can't Help Myself 00:01:34


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