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It's A Wonderful Life (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


A Prayer From Bedford Falls,
Big Brother Saves Life,
Father And Son,
The Good Old Building And Loan,
George Gives Up College,
George And Mary Meet Again,
George And Mary Get Hitched,
A Run On The Bank,
Potter's Job Offer,
World War II,
A Hero's Homecoming,
Uncle Billy's Crisis,
The Plea To Potter,
Clarence's Leap Of Faith,
George Bailey Doesn't Exsist,
Answered Prayers,
The Richest Man In The World,
Buffalo Gals


1 Overture 00:01:53
2 A Prayer From Bedford Falls 00:02:55
3 Big Brother Saves Life 00:00:51
4 Father And Son 00:01:24
5 The Good Old Building And Loan 00:01:56
6 George Gives Up College 00:00:22
7 George And Mary Meet Again 00:03:27
8 George And Mary Get Hitched 00:01:24
9 A Run On The Bank 00:03:53
10 Potter's Job Offer 00:00:48
11 World War II 00:02:05
12 A Hero's Homecoming 00:00:46
13 Uncle Billy's Crisis 00:01:02
14 The Plea To Potter 00:02:28
15 Clarence's Leap Of Faith 00:02:21
16 George Bailey Doesn't Exsist 00:06:53
17 Answered Prayers 00:01:35
18 The Richest Man In The World 00:04:14
19 Buffalo Gals 00:00:45


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