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Reinventing Myself


Re-Inventing Myself,
Through It All,
Touch of Mascara,
With Your Goodbye,
When Was the Last Time,
Downtown with the Girls,
How Much,
After You,
Good Kind of Love,
Let Me Be Your Friend


1 Re-Inventing Myself 00:04:26
2 Through It All 00:03:16
3 Touch of Mascara 00:03:46
4 With Your Goodbye 00:03:58
5 When Was the Last Time 00:04:28
6 Downtown with the Girls 00:03:40
7 How Much 00:03:24
8 After You 00:04:10
9 Good Kind of Love 00:03:24
10 Let Me Be Your Friend 00:03:43


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