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The Voyages Of Doctor Doolittle

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Doctor Doolittle is an eminent character of the English literature. It has been developed in the numerous books by Hugh Lofting and gained much fame thanks to their related cinematographic adaptations. Although The Voyages of Doctor Doolittle (1922) comes as a continuation of the series of adventures, it can be read independently as it provides the readers with sufficient introductory information about Doctor Doolittle and all his companions. The story is divided into six parts and begins when the protagonist meets young Tommy Stubbins who becomes his assistant and who soon learns animal languages from him. Their mission in the book is to find Long Arrow, a very respected and erudite naturalist who has been missing. They travel from one place to another looking for him and are told that they have to go to Spidermonkey Island where he has been last seen. The narrative takes the readers to different places of the world, including the Mediterranean and the Pacific Ocean and tells about the different breath-taking adventures that the doctor’s team goes through. It is also worthwhile noting that some parts and fragments of the text describing native inhabitants have been modified for being considered as indecent, offensive or even racist by modern standards.

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