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Amanda Green Scholarship–Now Accepting Applications!

Deadline to apply: April 1, 2024

Online applications for the Amanda Green Scholarship Fund is now open! The deadline to apply is Monday, April 1, 2024. The scholarship will be awarded to a student expected to attend a graduate-level library science program in fall 2024. The application process is managed by the Kalamazoo Community Foundation.

Applicants interested in being considered for the Amanda Green Scholarship fund must first complete the online application on the Kalamazoo Community Foundation’s website.

About the Amanda Green Scholarship Fund

The Amanda Green Scholarship, named after a former library assistant in Teen Services at KPL, promotes the library profession to people of color. By providing monetary assistance to individuals seeking a master’s degree from an accredited library science program, the library hopes to promote the training and hiring of more librarians of color in Kalamazoo and other communities.

In 2016, the Kalamazoo Public Library board passed a resolution that reaffirms the library’s commitment to, “address equal justice under the law, racial justice and institutional racism, social-economic divisions in our community and human dignity for all through our programs, services, policies, practices and the empowerment of staff to serve our community with these values as priorities.” In addition, the library’s 2019–22 strategic plan establishes Advancing Equity and Inclusion as a priority with the goal of developing and maintaining an informed and compassionate library staff that reflects the makeup of our diverse community. KPL is committed to making this a reality!

Amanda Green worked at KPL for 23 years (1988–2012.) Many of those years she spent in Teen Services working to give all teens the opportunity to improve their lives. Her passion and support of KPL’s mission to support and mentor teens have been passed on for years.

Eligibility Criteria

Individuals wishing to apply for the scholarship must fulfill the following qualifications:

  • A resident of Kalamazoo County or graduate of a Kalamazoo County High School, College/University
  • Earned an undergraduate degree or will be earning one within a year of applying
  • Graduate school enrollment status will be at least part-time
  • The field of study pursued is Library and Information Sciences in a school that is accredited by the American Library Association
  • Person of color

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria used to identify the most qualified applicant are as follows, in order of priority:

  • Personal interview
  • Letter(s) of reference (recommended one letter from undergraduate career)
  • Essay response
  • Library work history
  • Noteworthy achievements; awards; recognitions; community activities

Award Amount

Applicant(s) will be awarded $5000 per semester if attending as a full-time student and $2500 per semester if attending as a part-time student. The size of the award can be determined in part by the funds available.

Duration of Award

The scholarship award provides funding for a maximum of four years (two for full-time and four for part-time) as long as the applicant maintains the above eligibility criteria. The scholarship is not obligated to be renewed if there aren’t sufficient spendable funds available.

Renewal Criteria

After the initial award cycle (two for full-time and four for part-time), if an applicant has not graduated, they can submit a renewal application and submit their grades from the previous school year. Applicants must also maintain the above eligibility criteria.

Procedures and Policies

Application Procedures

The online grant application will be available on January 1 of each year. The application can be found online at the Kalamazoo Community Foundation website. The application period ends on April 1 of each year.

The following information should be included with the application:

  • Proof of undergraduate degree by transcript
  • Two or more letters of reference

Selection Procedures and Policies

Selection Committee Structure
A rotating selection committee, mirroring KPL’s commitment to employing a staff reflective of the community we serve, will be appointed by the Library Director and approved by the Library Board of Trustees.

According to the Internal Revenue Code (IRC § 4966(d)(2)(B)(ii)(II), KPL staff serving on the committee may only represent a minority number.

The initial committee will be comprised of a majority of members serving two-year terms and a minority of members serving three-year terms. After two years, three new members will be appointed. After three years, two new members will be appointed.

Selection Process

  1. Prior to meeting, committee members will read and review each applicant and give a numerical score between 1-4 (with 4 being the highest), based on eligibility and selection criteria.
  2. Committee members will meet to discuss applicants at the first meeting. Interviews will be set up at this time. All candidates will be interviewed.
  3. Each applicant will be interviewed at the second meeting.
  4. Committee members will decide the winner(s) of the grant(s) based on application and interview.

Award Procedures and Policies

  • The Kalamazoo Community Foundation will communicate congratulations to each scholarship recipient. In addition, the Community Foundation will use whatever avenue is available and affordable to announce the recipients annually.
  • The scholarship must be used in the fiscal year (July-June) it was awarded. The scholarship can be held for one academic year.
  • If the scholarship recipient withdraws from school during any term for purposes other than disciplinary or academic reasons and enrolls in the same or another educational institution, with a Library and Information Sciences program, during the same academic year, he/she is entitled to the scholarship.
  • If the scholarship recipient withdraws from school during any term for purposes other than disciplinary or academic reasons and does not enroll in another educational institution, with a Library and Information Sciences program, during that academic year, the monies returned by the educational institution will be held within the scholarship fund in the recipient’s name for up to one year.
  • If the recipient withdraws from school for disciplinary or academic reasons, the student’s entitlement to the award will be evaluated on individual merit.
  • If the Kalamazoo Community Foundation discovers that the educational institution rather than the scholarship recipient is benefiting from the award, the Foundation will work with the recipient and the institution in an attempt to direct the monies to the student as originally intended.

Donate to the Amanda Green Scholarship Fund

KPL welcomes donations to the Amanda Green Scholarship Fund. Thank you for your support. Your donations are tax-deductible.


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