Petitioning Policy

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The Kalamazoo Public Library as a limited public forum has the authority to make reasonable rules regarding the allowed use of library buildings and property, including content-neutral restriction of conduct involving petitioning, interviewing, and leafleting. The public sidewalks around the library property are a traditional public forum subject to reasonable time, place and manner restrictions on those wishing to use them for purposes protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. As such, the Library allows people to circulate petitions and distribute leaflets outside library facilities, subject to local ordinances and the following rules and regulations:

Persons petitioning, interviewing, and leafleting shall not block, hinder, interfere, or otherwise impede patrons and staff wishing to enter or exit Library buildings or to use book returns, nor seek to intimidate patrons or staff into signing a petition or accepting a leaflet.

Campaign material, literature, or petitions may not be brought into the Library, posted at the Library, or left on Library property.

Petitioning, interviewing, and leafleting is prohibited inside Library buildings.

Persons petitioning or leafleting are not allowed to place or erect tables, tents, chairs, or signs on Library property.

Petitioners at the Alma Powell Branch must adhere to local ordinances and rules established by the Douglas Community Association, the owner of the building in which the Alma Powell Branch is located.”

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Eastwood Map

Oshtemo Map

Washington Square Map

Powell – No map. Petitioners cannot be in the library.


Policy adopted August 24, 2020

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