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silhouettes of different people portraying various ethnicities, displayed as a spectrum of color.

KPL Staffing DEI Initiatives

KPL Staff Demographics

One of the goals of the DEI Strategic Plan is to ensure diversity of staff at all levels. As of July 2022, 182 staff members were employed at KPL. The library’s staff is comprised of both full and part-time salaried and part-time hourly including represented (Librarian, Library Assistant, Library Aide, and Hourly FM employees) and non-represented (Administration, Supervisory-Technical, Interns, and Subs) staff.

Statistics regarding non-binary gender identification, disability, and veteran status have not been comprehensively collected to date. It is recognized that the demographics listed above do not fully represent the multiple and intersecting identities of the KPL staff. It is also important to note that racial identity is obtained and tracked via self-identification by staff.

Chart by Visualizer

Chart by Visualizer

Chart by Visualizer


A chart representation of BIPOC KPL employees comparing 2013, 2016 and 2021

Comparison of City, County, and KPL Staff Demographics

A bar graph comparing Kalamazoo City, County and KPL Staff demographics



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