Nonprofit Employment Opportunities


The Nonprofit Employment Opportunities page offers Kalamazoo County nonprofit organizations the opportunity to post their employment opportunities in one place. 

To submit your employment opportunity, email the job description in a Microsoft Word or PDF file to It MUST include application instructions and whether or not there is a deadline to receive them. This page receives over 4,000 unique visitors each month.


You may contact the WMU Nonprofit Leadership program for assistance in recruiting interns.







First Baptist Church of Kalamazoo Building Manager 07/25/17
KYD Network PT Social Emotional Learning Coach 07/25/17
YWCA Infant/Toddler Assistant Teacher 07/25/17
KCMHSAS Registered Medical Assistant 07/25/17
KCMHSAS Case Manager 07/25/17
KRESA Executive Administrative Assistant 07/25/17
Goodwill Industries Truck Driver Helper 07/24/17
Goodwill Industries Team Leader 07/24/17
Goodwill Industries PT Donation Attendant 07/24/17
Hospital Hospitality House Administrative Assistant 07/24/17
KRESA School Social Worker 07/24/17
Gryphon Place Suicide Prevention Coordinator 07/24/17
Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes Warehouse Assistant 07/24/17
KRESA PT Classroom Aide 07/24/17
Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes HR Director 07/20/17
KCMHSAS Financial Analyst 07/20/17
KCMHSAS Nurse- IDD Department 07/20/17
InterAct of Michigan Mental Health Supervisor 07/20/17
InterAct of Michigan ACT Team RN- Mental Health 07/20/17
MRC Industries Community Employment Coordinator 07/20/17
Gilmore Keyboard Festival Director of Operations   07/19/17
Gilmore Keyboard Festival PT Box Office Assistant 07/19/17
Comstock Community Learning Center Education Aide 07/18/17
Disability Network of Southwest Michigan Independent Living Specialist 07/18/17
Disability Network of Southwest Michigan Travel Trainer/ Transit Outreach Specialist 07/18/17
KRESA PT Classroom Aide 07/17/17
Big Brothers Big Sisters Match Support Specialist 07/17/17
KCMHSAS Recipient Rights Officers 07/17/17
KCMHSAS Supervisor of Programs- Whole Health Initiative 07/17/17
Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan Assistant Ranger 07/13/17
YWCA PT Registered Nurse 07/13/17
Community Homeworks Lead Weatherization Technician 07/12/17
Prevention Works Fund Development Manager 07/12/17
Kalamazoo Loaves & Fishes Development Assistant 07/11/17
Douglass Community Association PT Certified Peer Support Specialist 07/11/17
Gilmore Keyboard Festival Marketing and PR Director 07/10/17
KRESA Math Consultant 07/06/17
Buy Local Greater Kalamazoo PT Executive Director 07/03/17
Kalamazoo Civic Theatre PT Master Electrician 06/30/17
Kalamazoo Civic Theatre      Audio Engineer 06/30/17
City of Kalamazoo Michigan Financial Opportunity Corps 06/30/17
Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan Membership/Outreach Specialist 06/30/17
Open Doors Kalamazoo Facilities Team Member 06/28/17
Family & Children Services FTBS Supervisor 06/28/17
Communities in Schools of Kalamazoo Executive Assistant 06/28/17
Goodwill Industries Donation Attendant 06/26/17
Goodwill Industries PT Donation Attendant 06/26/17
Family & Children Services Mobile Crisis Response- On Call 06/23/17
Family & Children Services PT Youth Care Worker 06/23/17
Communities in Schools of Kalamazoo After School Coordinator 06/23/17
Communities in Schools of Kalamazoo PT Site Coordinator 06/23/17
YWCA Shelter Coordinator 06/23/17
Family & Children Services Family Support Worker 06/23/17
Gryphon Place PT Suicide Prevention Coordinator 06/22/17
Goodwill Industries PT Retail Associate 06/21/17
KRESA Parent Liaison 06/21/17
Community Living Options PT Transitional Support Specialist 06/21/17
Community Living Options Program Support Staff 06/21/17
KCMHSAS Peer Recovery & Outreach- Contingent 06/20/17
KCMHSAS Peer Recover & Outreach 06/20/17
KCMHSAS Nurse- RN 06/20/17
KCMHSAS Lead Programmer 06/20/17
KCMHSAS Registered Medical Assistant 06/20/17
KCMHSAS Outpatient Therapist 06/20/17
KCMHSAS Registered Nurse- Contingent 06/20/17
KCMHSAS Patient Navigator Substance Abuse 06/20/17
Goodwill Industries Wares Grader/Pricer 06/20/17
CCTA PT Bus Driver 06/19/17
Goodwill Industries Contract Team Leader 06/19/17
Goodwill Industries Textile Grader/Hanger 06/19/17
Goodwill Industries PT Donation Attendant 06/19/17
KRESA Paraprofessional 06/14/17
KRESA Paraprofessional 06/14/17
KNHS Multicultural Program Development 06/14/17
Ministry with Community PT Member Services Assistant 06/13/17
Communities in Schools of Kalamazoo Associate Director for Site Services 06/13/17
Goodwill Industries Product Sorter 06/13/17
KRESA Paraprofessional 06/12/17
Unitarian Universalist Community Church PT Piano Accompanist 06/12/17
Goodwill Industries PT Donation Attendant - West Main 06/09/17
Goodwill Industries PT Retail Associate - West Main 06/09/17
Goodwill Industries Truck Driver 06/06/17
Prevention Works PT Program Facilitator/Outreach Worker 06/06/17
Goodwill Industries PT Retail Associate 06/02/17
City of Kalamazoo Mechanical Inspector 06/02/17
Goodwill Industries Team Leader 06/02/17
Southwest Child Care Resources PT Administrative Assistant 06/02/17
Goodwill Industries PT Retail Associate 05/25/17
Goodwill Industries Wares Processor 05/25/17