Dragon Diary


A book by Dugald A. Steer

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Apprentice dragonologists Daniel and Beatrice Cook's mentor, Dr. Ernest Drake, is called away at a crucial time, leaving the brother and sister alone to search for an ancient diary that could cure some gravely ill dragons.

Reviewed by Adrian, age 10

Adrian says, “This book is totally awesome!”

In book number two of the Ology series, Daniel Cook, and his sister, Beatrice, have just been taken in by Professor Drake to study dragons. But even after deafeating the ominous Ignatious Crook, his betraying partner, Alexandra Goryntchka, went on to try to unleash a Naga (a kind of dragon killing virus). Daniel and Beatrice team up with their parents take down Alexandra. But will their plan work?? Find out in The Dragonology Chronicles 2, The Dragon Diary!!!!!