A Barrel of Laughs, a Vale of Tears


A book by Jules Feiffer

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Prince Roger sets out eagerly on a quest and finds a few adventures, a lot of friends, a damsel or two in distress (not!) and himself, in the end.

Reviewed by Adrian, age 10

Adrian says, “This book was so so.”

Do you like romantic knights in shining armor, or high-spirited princes?? Well this book has both those and then some!! In a twisting story of uncertain kings, back-stabbing friends, and one deadly quest, Prince Roger must under go all of this!! Roger was born in a Barrel of Laughs, so when anyone came within a certain distance of him, they unexplainably start laughing. The royal magican, J. Wellington Wizard, puts a stop to this "nonsense" by sending Roger on a dangerous quest. Will Roger survive or fall victim and get stuck forever!!??? Find out yourself in.....A Barrel of Laughs, A Vale of Tears!!!!!