NOTE: The Lovell Street entrance to the Central Library parking lot will be closed periodically due to construction. The Rose Street (west) entrance will remain open.

3rd Annual Teen Filmmaker Festival

2006 Award Winners

  • Best Film: Eternal High-Bryce Mackie
  • Best Acting: Eternal High-Bryce Mackie
  • Best Editing: Famine (An American Film)-Michael Prokopchuk and Ross Turcotte
  • Best Cinematography: Spooked-Chris Jarvis
  • Best Special Effects: Spooked-Chris Jarvis
  • Best Screenplay: Flash 7 News: The Sequel-John Graham


  • In-Service Day-Jared Doty
  • Blood Drive-Michigan Avenue Academy
  • Closet Creature-Jon Tereshinski
  • In My Mind-Kasey Grohs
  • Robert Frost: Fire and Ice-Tyler James Malkowski
  • The Pokagons: Taking a Stand on History-Alex Prediger
  • Double Trouble-Allison Walle
  • Kung Foo-Caitlin Ouding
  • Ask Questions-Andrew Lynch
  • Weightless-Nick Smith
  • Kirkwood-Alex Haan
  • House of Healing Psychiatric Hospital-Karah Boodt
  • For the Anniversary of My Death-Perry Menken
  • The Necessity of Appearing in Your Own Face-Sean Stoto


  • David Drzick
  • James Sanford
  • Susan Woods