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Lack of taste

Title: Farm City. Comments: I found Farm City to be a huge disappointment and was very confused KPL picked this novel to bring readers "together." Between weird racial comments, pervasive privilege, and lack of taste, I found it barely readable. To me, there was nothing truly insightful or groundbreaking about this book - plenty of others have approached this topic, and written more eloquently about it, without such a demeaning approach....


Respect for Animals

Title: Both books. Comments: In The American Way of Eating, it seemed like a combination text book and journal. It was okay, but I was slow to get through it. I do wish she'd mentioned that many of the gardens in Detroit are through Land Banks. I wish she'd have mentioned/explained that organization. In Farm City, I greatly appreciated how Novella dealt with ending the life of her charges and respecting them as food sources. I look forward to hearing her speak in April on tax due day....



Title: Farm City. Comments: I love the urban farm idea. This book seemed rather trite and the extra effort at being informative seemed tacked on. I was particularly disinterested in her stereotypes of people in her neighborhood and her lack of depth. It seemed to me she was trying to be funny and insightful at the expense of others. I was disappointed that Kalamazoo picked this high school style writer. I have loved some of the previous choices: The Things They Carried, Fahrenheit 451 as examples....


Fun and educational

Title: Both books. Comments: I thought Farm City was hilarious. I have secret ambitions to be an urban farmer but suspect I would only ENJOY raising chickens - or God forbid, a hog - for a week. But so fun to imagine. Thanks for a fun book.The American Way of Eating was really good, too. I loved learning more about the picking/harvesting work and wonder about our practices in our state - and in our county.  I hope we'll learn about this through some of the events!...


I Dare You...

Title: Farm City. Comments: I loved Farm City.  Novella jumped into urban farming much more daringly than I think I could.  In her situation I would probably be too scared to be on someone else's land or intimidated by what i didn't know to make much progress with a garden.  I have been reading other gardening books following Farm City, currently The Botany of Desire by Michael Pollan, but soon I will be turning my attention to The American Way of Eating....


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