Reading Together 2013 Blog

Amy Waldman Live!

Amy Waldman will be arriving in Kalamazoo today and speaking tonight at 7pm in Kalamazoo Central High School Auditorium. Hopefully that’s not the first you’re hearing of her visit, unlikely if you are reading this blog, but if it is, what great timing!

The Reading Together author event kicks of a month of great programming and has always deepened my understanding of the selected book and how and why it came to be. I’m sure this year’s event will not disappoint. Each year I look forward to learning more about the authors writing process and hearing how they talk about and present the book and how their perspective tweaks my own. I also look forward to hearing unexpected details from the author. There is usually some hidden aspect of the publishing process or unforeseen literary challenge that is brought up during the talk that surprises me. These unexpected moments are often elicited by great questions from the audience at the end of the prepared talk and that spontaneity is part of what makes the Q&A one of my favorite parts of each year’s program.

One area of publishing that you don’t often hear authors talk about is book jacket design. But like it or not, the wrong jacket can doom a great book from the beginning, and so jackets matter. As a teaser in anticipation of tonight’s unexpected moments you can read Amy Waldman and designer Rodrigo Corral comment on The Submission’s cover. See you all tonight!


The Submission