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Thanks, Rick!




I just wanted to thank y’all for everything.


It was a good night.


Thank you for making it so, and for not only making it a great reading, but a visit to a place I will always appreciate.




What a delight to receive this nice note from Rick Bragg. Honestly, he’s the one to be thanked.

When does an audience of 700-some people seem intimate? When you have Rick Bragg at the podium.

His books read as if he’s telling you a story at the dinner table. It’s the same when you see him on stage or in person. Rick Bragg talks like he writes. He writes like he talks.

On April 14, he spent close to two hours reading from his memoirs, telling stories and answering questions for an audience that would have been happy to sit there for another two hours. They gave him a standing ovation.

As he walked to the book-signing table, Rick said this was the part he liked best — meeting people and autographing their books. There was a long line of enthusiastic people, and Rick said he was energized. He sat down and commenced to visiting with his fans, looking each one in the eye, putting exactly the right name in each book, thanking them for coming.

We left full and satisfied, yet still wanting more.

Rick, you are always welcome in Kalamazoo. Come back and see us.


Rick Bragg in Kalamazoo