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Your Story: Theresa Knapp

“I tell everybody, ‘go down there, it’s wonderful.’”

Growing up, Theresa Knapp never learned to use the library. “That’s just something I didn’t do. It was actually scary. When I was in high school, I’d ask the librarian for help,” Theresa says. But a computer class at KPL changed that.

Theresa has Dyslexia, which means she is a visual learner who doesn’t see letters and words in the same two-dimensional way that most people do. Today, students have access to resources like the SLD Center in Kalamazoo. But not for Theresa, now 57. So she didn’t use the library. And when she tried attending adult computer classes elsewhere, she struggled with the instructional materials.

Then she got a job as a security guard at the Eastwood library and read about the Library’s computer classes. “I took the first class and was so impressed that I took every computer class they offered,” Theresa says. “I tell everybody, ‘go down there, it’s wonderful. You’ll come out knowing how to use the computer and it’s not intimidating!’ And so that’s how I started using the library.”