Barnabee Art Gallery


The Barnabee Art Gallery was established in the 1989 by Walden Baskerville, a Kalamazoo sculptor and psychologist, as a way to highlight the artistic talents of Kalamazoo school children and local artists. Created with funds from an anonymous donor, the gallery was named after an imaginary friend who played with Baskerville’s children. Today that tradition continues with several exhibits each year featuring the work of local artists of all ages.

“I always have the fear that elementary art is something we do early in our lives, then we lose it. Once we start making choices, it limits your options and imagination. I’d like to keep those options and imaginations open because it influences so many other things.”

—Walden Baskerville, Kalamazoo Gazette, 16 November 1989

Dr. Walden Baskerville

Dr. Walden Baskerville passed away at his home in Las Vegas on February 11, 2014. “He was such a delightful person,” recalled Michael Cockrell, head of adult services at KPL, “the kind of guy with a constant twinkle in his eye - and what an amazing life he lived.” Read Dr. Baskerville’s obituary...


Current Display

We are pleased to announce our current exhibit in the Barnabee Gallery is by Andre Mckee. 

“‘The Power Within’ [background below] is a digital rendering that shows that force or power within each of us to excel beyond what expected. The use of rendering, and digital tools gave me the freedom to explore different avenues of creative expression.” 

“‘Cleo’ [inset below] is a pencil drawing I did of my Grandmother. I know your probably thinking: ‘A Drawing Of His Grandmother?’ This piece reminds me of the courage, pain, and love one had while battling Cancer. She kept that same smile, class, and, dignity while facing death.”

Come by and visit the Alma Powell Branch to view this great show.

Artist’s Statement

“At the age of five, I would watch my mother draw comic strip characters from the newspaper. I wanted to know how she made magic appear from something as simple as a number two pencil. As most fascinated five year olds, I copied her every move.

My fascination for the Arts grew with time. I felt that with God’s help I’d find my niche in art. After several awards, exhibitions, and patrons, I remembered that five year old’s fascination in his mom’s magic pencil.”

—Andre McKee 


Artwork by Andre Mckee, on display in the Barnabee Gallery