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Your Story: Becky Searles

“...a true gem in the KPL system.”

The first library I got to know was the old Eastwood Branch, on East Main. Alma Powell was the librarian. By the 4th grade, I was reading 1½ years ahead of my grade level, and was a voracious reader. I would read 4-6 books a week. (still do)

When I had exhausted all the books in the childrens area, Mrs. Powell took me to the next set of shelves, around the corner from childrens. She looked, and then chose 3 books. She told me that when I had read them, AND could explain them to her satisfaction, I could then choose books from that particular set of shelves. I think it took me a week.

As I would exhaust each section of shelves, Mrs. Powell would choose several more from the next set. In that way she allowed me to keep up with my interest in reading. Also, if a book I chose wasn't an appropriate choice, she would talk with me about it, and then help me choose others. 

We moved from the east side when I was in 7th grade, and one of the things I missed most were my visits to Eastwood and Mrs. Powell. She was a true gem in the KPL system.