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Your Story: Rebecca Pollens

Borrowing books means “you can try a wide variety...”


Rebecca Pollens loves to read and she’s instilled that love of reading in her children, too. Borrowing books from the library means “you can try a wide variety without having collections of books pile up for each family member over time.”

Her family, including husband James and their three children, Janna, 11, Jesse, 9, and Evan, 5, check out books by the stacks. “My son thinks he’s read an eighth of the children’s books,” Rebecca says. “Other parents may have trouble getting their kids to read. Mine are such voracious readers that we had to make a ‘no reading at the dinner table’ rule.”

She says, “We’re all such big readers, we save money by borrowing books, as well as movies, from the library. Plus, with a family of five, I work hard at keeping the extra stuff in our home to a minimum, and I strive to have a less cluttered house.” Rebecca honed her de-cluttering skills through a class she attended at the Central Library.