NOTE: The Lovell Street entrance to the Central Library parking lot will be closed periodically due to construction. The Rose Street (west) entrance will remain open.

Your Story: Adler Family

"I could ask questions and share ideas with other moms...”

Visiting the library is an Adler family tradition dating from grandmother Caryn’s childhood in Niles with her mom, Judy. Caryn passed that legacy on to a brood of foster children through Storytimes at the Central Library. For Kimberlie, one of Caryn’s four adopted children, the Children’s Reading Room there holds her earliest memories.

Four generations at Story Hour

Today, she shares Baby Storytime with her daughter —Caryn’s granddaughter and Judy’s great granddaughter — Elizabeth Jones. All three moms were on hand for Elizabeth’s inaugural visit to Washington Square. “We’re starting Elizabeth on the path to loving the library and books,” Caryn says. As a single mom, Caryn found the exchange of information among parents invaluable. “I would go in with two or three kids in strollers and another couple toddlers in tow. It gave me something to do that didn’t cost money, and I could ask questions and share ideas with other moms.”

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