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Your Story: Gail Galbreath

“...I could also be listening to audio books”

Gail Galbreath is a woman who likes to multitask. “I was sewing Halloween costumes and realized, I could also be listening to audiobooks,” she says. And so began Gail’s search for the perfect solution. “I tried listening to CDs, but it’s hard to find pockets that big and the player kept falling on the floor,” she jokes. Then a friend told her about Overdrive, a Kalamazoo Public Library service which allows Gail to download videos and other media to her home computer. Thanks to a new MP3 player, Gail enjoys many authors in a multitude of genres. “I wanted to know if the Elizabeth Peters’ Amelia Peabody series was as funny to listen to as it is to read,” Gail says. “It is! My neighbors probably think I’m crazy raking and laughing in my yard.” Gail even discovered a way to listen and vacuum —noise cancelling headphones!