Your Story: Bill and Carrie Venema

“Often we go to support our friends and sometimes just because (the programs) look so interesting.”


Each quarter, when Link arrives in the mailbox of Bill and Carrie Venema, Carrie transfers the featured programs and events to her desk calendar. “We note the things we’re interested in—which is often most of them—and then we see if it actually works out that we can get there,” Carrie says. The social calendar of this busy downtown couple fills quickly, but staying connected through the library remains an essential part of their lives.

Looking at the spring 2009 edition, Carrie notes a personal connection to many of the featured programs. “I used to write poetry with Ron Haight,” she says. “And we have stimulating neighbors and friends, people who are involved in the Civic or drama, English or fine arts at Western Michigan University, so we want to attend those programs, too. Often we go to support our friends and sometimes just because they look so interesting.”