NOTE: The Lovell Street entrance to the Central Library parking lot will be closed periodically due to construction. The Rose Street (west) entrance will remain open.

Your Story: Pat Norris

 “...a good way to spend $10 and an afternoon.”


Former Kalamazoo Valley Museum director
and WMU history professor Pat Norris

Former Kalamazoo Valley Museum director and adjunct Western Michigan University history professor Pat Norris is an avid fan of the Friends of the Library Bookstore. “It fulfills the library’s mission to foster literacy by giving people a book they can write in,” Norris says. “It’s also a good way to spend $10 and an afternoon.” Norris is such a supporter, when the current library was completed and a time capsule placed in a cornerstone, he submitted a short homage to the Friends, praising the store’s contribution to the community.

Norris stays abreast of new literature through other KPL services, and is especially enamored of the on-line book request service. “If the staff believes that the book you’re requesting should be part of their collection,” Norris says, “They’ll not only order it, but you become the first in line to read it.”