Your Story: Sue Brandt

“The reference librarian...was just wonderful.”


Curious by nature, when Sue Brandt hears something that interests her, she likes to learn more. Such was the case when she read that Robert Oppenheimer named the nation’s first nuclear test weapon for a John Donne poem. So she took her little book of personal reminders to the library — in among her grocery lists, recipes and gift ideas, Sue keeps a list of interesting books and music and articles in her purse. “I just had to know where the name came from,” Sue says. “The reference librarian spent a great deal of time helping me and she was just wonderful.” Forty-five minutes after arriving, Sue had the full story. Unnamed by Donne, but often referred to as Trinity, the poem was “Holy Sonnet XIV”. And yes, “Trinity,” detonated in New Mexico on July 16, 1945, ushered in the Atomic Age.