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Your Story: Renee Johnson

“It’s history. It’s a good story. It’s my story.”

Renee Johnson

Renee Johnson

A slip of paper with the name of a father she never knew was all Renee Johnson had when she walked into a KPL genealogy lock-in. Five years later, Renee not only knows more about her father, she’s uncovered much of her great, great grandmother’s life story and even tracked down a great aunt whom she called in California. She’s traced her heritage through AlabamaLouisianaNorth Carolina, and Florida and discovered that hers is a mixture of African, American Indian, and even Scottish ancestry.

Renee describes her genealogy journey as “…a twisting, turning, nerve-racking adventure, but I’m hooked! When I saw the amount of the information that could be pulled up from that little slip of paper, I said ‘I can do that.’ It’s history. It’s a good story. It’s my story.”