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Your Story: Sally Callahan

“I’ve been told, ‘you keep me alive’...”


When the challenges of age confine you to a nursing home—and arthritis and blindness further limit you—books can serve as a lifeline, says Sally Callahan, a retired Sisters of St. Joseph nun who oversees the audio/video stacks at the Nazareth Center’s library and helps the sisters of the Borgess Nursing Home in their quest for good audio reading material.

“I’ve been told, ‘you keep me alive,’” Sr. Sally says. She uses KPL’s online resources to research and request books by the women’s favorite authors, which she reserves for pickup at Eastwood. Although the Nazareth library has its own extensive collection of audio books, it is still not enough to satisfy the reading needs of some of the residents. “One sister sometimes reads three or four books a week,” says Sr. Sally. “And once baseball season’s over, she’ll be reading more again.”