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Many nonprofit leaders report a sense of being either “risk takers” or “risk averse.” Yet it is unusual for the entire leadership team to share the same level of comfort with highly uncertain outcomes. This webinar will explore the concept of “risk appetite” in a nonprofit organization.

Learn how to:

  • Engage the board in a conversation about the nonprofit’s appetite for uncertainty
  • Ensure that decision-making at all levels of the organization is in sync with the overall risk appetite defined by the board.
  • Have a conversation about taking bold risks with a board that clings to the status quo
  • Raise risk issues gracefully in an environment where “anything goes!”

This webinar is designed for EDs, operations, communications, fundraising, and volunteer directors; board members of nonprofit organizations.

Presented by the Nonprofit Risk Management Center.

Webinars are shown at Kalamazoo Public Library only.

Registration is required due to limited space. Call 269-553-7910 for more information.

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