Nonprofit Employment Opportunities


The Nonprofit Employment Opportunities page offers Kalamazoo County nonprofit organizations the opportunity to post their employment opportunities in one place. 

To submit your employment opportunity, email the job description in a Microsoft Word or PDF file to It MUST include application instructions and whether or not there is a deadline to receive them. This page receives over 4,000 unique visitors each month.


You may contact the WMU Nonprofit Leadership program for assistance in recruiting interns.







KRESA Bookkeeper 11/14/17
Wakeshma Community Church Pastor 11/14/17
Public Media Network Media Production Manager 11/14/17
DASAS Lead Residential Support Advocate 11/14/17
The Arc Community Advocates Individual and Family Advocate 11/14/17
KRESA Special Education Teacher 11/08/17
KRESA PT Program Administrative Assistant 11/08/17
Gilmore Community Healing Center Registered Nurse 11/08/17
KCMHSAS Direct Care Specialist 11/08/17
Communities in Schools of Kalamazoo PT Public Policy Associate 11/08/17
Communities in Schools of Kalamazoo PT Project Manager 11/08/17
New Genesis Inc. PT Bookkeeper 11/08/17
Kalamazoo County Land Bank Communications, Fund Development, Operations Manager 11/08/17
Senior Services Accounting Clerk 11/06/17
Community Living Options Program Supervisor 11/06/17
Housing Resources, Inc.  Program Assistant 11/06/17
Housing Resources, Inc.  AmeriCorps Outreach Specialist 11/06/17
Goodwill Industries Wares Grader/Pricer 11/06/17
Goodwill Industries PT Retail Associate 11/06/17
Goodwill Industries Textile Grader/Hanger 11/06/17
Goodwill Industries PT Commercial Floater 11/06/17
Recovery Institute of Southwestern Michigan PT Peer Support Specialist/Recovery Coach 11/06/17
Prevention Works Executive Assistant 11/03/17
Kalamazoo Christian Schools Association Accounting Assistant 11/02/17
KRESA Occupational Therapist 11/02/17
Goodwill Industries Truck Driver Helper 11/1/17
KCMHSAS BCBA Psychologist 11/1/17
YWCA Therapist 10/31/17
YWCA Outreach and Case Coordinator 10/31/17
YWCA Home Visitation Program Assistant 10/31/17
Kalamazoo Civic Theatre PT Box Office Associate 10/31/17
Kalamazoo Public Library Tech Intern 10/31/17
Kalamazoo Friends of Recreation Executive Director  10/31/17
Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan Program and Education Specialist 10/30/17
Gryphon Place Community Resource Adviser/Crisis Worker 10/30/17
Goodwill Industries Production Worker/Machine Operator 10/30/17
YWCA Bilingual Advocate 10/30/17
YWCA Emergency Shelter Coordinator 10/30/17
MRC Industries Employment Training Specialist 10/24/17
Community Promise Credit Union PT Teller (2 positions) 10/24/17
Community Promise Credit Union Accounting Clerk 10/24/17
Community Promise Credit Union Marketing Position 10/24/17
Douglass Community Association Outpatient Therapist 10/23/17
Goodwill Industries PT Donation Attendant 10/23/17
Goodwill Industries Commercial Floater 10/23/17
Goodwill Industries Textile Grader/Hanger 10/23/17
KCMHSAS Billing/Financial Intake Coordinator 10/17/17
Kalamazoo Drop-In Child Care Center PT Infant/Toddler Teacher  10/17/17
Youth for Christ PT City Life Site Director 10/13/17
Wellspring Dance Academy & Box Office Coordinator 10/13/17
Family & Children Services Families First Administrative Assistant 10/13/17
Goodwill Industries PT Team Leader 10/11/17
Goodwill Industries Team Leader 10/11/17
Kalamazoo Valley Habitat for Humanity Director of Community Relations 10/10/17
Kalamazoo Valley Habitat for Humanity Construction Site Supervisor 10/10/17
Goodwill Industries HR Generalist 10/10/17
Goodwill Industries Director of Marketing 10/10/17
KCMHSAS Med Clinic Receptionist 10/10/17
KRESA Paraprofessional 10/10/17
Communities in Schools Kalamazoo PT Youth Development Worker 10/09/17
Ministry with Community PT Cook 10/09/17
Kalamazoo Public Library PT Videography/Photography Intern 10/09/17
Turn 2 Foundation, Inc. Kalamazoo Jeter's Leaders Program Director 10/06/17
KCMHSAS Case Manager (Youth & Family Services) 10/05/17
KCMHSAS Housing Assistant 10/05/17
Goodwill Industries Online Support Associate 10/03/17
Goodwill Industries Production Worker 10/03/17
Ministry with Community PT Kitchen Assistant 10/03/17
Big Brothers Big Sisters Outreach and Service Delivery Specialist 10/03/17
Goodwill Industries Siemer Program Coordinator 09/26/17
Goodwill Industries PT Commercial Floater 09/25/17
Goodwill Industries PT Retail Associate 09/25/17
Goodwill Industries Forklift Driver 09/25/17
Goodwill Industries Textile Grader/Hanger 09/25/17
Goodwill Industries Commercial Floater 09/25/17
Goodwill Industries Team Leader 09/25/17
KCMHSAS Access Specialist 09/21/17
Gilmore Keyboard Festival Digital Marketing Coordinator 09/21/17
Goodwill Industries E Commerce Supervisor 09/19/17
Goodwill Industries Textile Grader-Hanger 09/19/17
Goodwill Industries Donation Attendant 09/19/17
Goodwill Industries Wares Grader/Pricer 09/18/17
Goodwill Industries PT Retail Associate 09/18/17
Goodwill Industries Textile Grader/Hanger 09/18/17
The Montessori School PT Classroom Assistant 09/18/17
Communities in Schools Marketing Coordinator 09/14/17
KCMHSAS Secretary/Receptionist 09/14/17
KCMHSAS Care Coordinator 09/14/17
Goodwill Industries Truck Driver Helper 09/12/17
Goodwill Industries Floor Care Technician/Custodial Worker 09/12/17
Family & Children Services FTBS Worker 09/12/17
KCMHSAS Supports Coordinator 09/11/17
Kalamazoo Nature Center Lead Naturalist 09/11/17
Kalamazoo Nature Center PT Environmental Educator 09/11/17
Family & Children Services Outpatient Therapist- School Based (5 positions) 09/11/17