From Blank Page to Compelling Story…

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...Yes, you can do it! Have you ever sat down to write a grant proposal, marketing piece, or fundraising letter, and found yourself staring at a blank sheet of paper or computer screen?

You know you have to ‘hook’ the reader with a compelling story…but how? When the needs of your clients are getting greater every day, what do you say? When you’re faced with a fund deficit and staff stretched to their limits, what do you say and how do you say it without sounding desperate?

Stories. Simple, identifiable stories. Take a story writing approach:  the hero (your agency), and your characters (the people you serve), your actions (programs/services), and the tensions between them (not enough capacity to serve all who need your services).

Start writing. It won’t be the final version, but start writing your story. Then, edit until it is concise, engaging, and compelling.
Not comfortable yet, then don’t miss “Telling Your Nonprofit’s Story: Men and Women Against White Space” on Tuesday, May 19, when professional writer Bill Truesdell will tell you ‘the rest of the story’ about writing your stories.


Telling Your Nonprofit’s Story

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