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You’re leading a staff meeting, giving a report to the board, addressing a group of program volunteers, or having coffee with a donor. In these situations and others, you have the opportunity to tell a story.

We have the stories – volunteers, staff, and participants tell us wonderful tales of how they have been greatly helped and deeply touched. The challenge becomes presenting that story so the full impact is felt by the listeners.

On October 24, we’re hosting “Three Stories Every Nonprofit Should Tell,” a webinar by Kivi Leroux Miller, president of the Nonprofit Marketing Guide. This event explores the dramatic plot lines used by writers and offers steps on how to craft your story to achieve maximum impact (more info).

Put the power of story to work in your fundraising, board development, and community relations.



P.S. We also recently added November programming to our ONEplace calendar (check it out).

Posted by Thom Andrews at 10/22/2012 03:59:32 PM | 

Nice job Thom on greatness and clarity article. Lencioni's newest book The Advantage talks about the same issues and wjst it takes to be what he defines as a healthy organization. I have used the personal histories question. As well as otherd from Lencioni doing senior leadership retreats. Great stuff

Posted by: tom breznau ( Email ) at 1/14/2013 2:08 PM

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