African American Civil War Display @ Oshtemo

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Through the years of researching my family history, I discovered that many of my ancestors fought in the Civil War.  There is currently a pictorial display at the Oshtemo Branch Library of African/American Civil War Veterans along with books on African/ American history.  I’m the part-time teen librarian at Oshtemo.  My four great-grand- fathers and five great-great uncles are in the display, along with information about Michigan’s 1st Colored Infantry, later called the 102nd United States Colored Infantry. 

The display also includes information about theCivil War photographs “Battle of Honey Hill” that took place on November 30, 1864, in support of General William T. Sherman’s march to the sea in South Carolina.  My great-grandfather John Conner, his brother William Frank Conner, who was the sergeant of his troop, and their two brother-in-laws, Himebrick Tyler and Joseph Seaton fought bravely in this battle.


African Americans in the Civil War

Posted by Valerie Osborne at 02/19/2009 11:07:21 AM | 

Valerie's display is wonderful! Its accompanied by photographs of her relatives who served in the Civil War, as well as information about the 1st Regiment Michigan Infantry. If you get a chance, stop out at the Oshtemo branch before March 1 and take a look.
Posted by: MarthaL ( Email ) at 2/18/2009 3:15 PM

Wow Aunt Valerie! I know the display is very interesting and what a rich family history and contribution to the history of Michigan. Thanks so much for all that you do to research and keep the history alive. I wish I were closer to view/support the display. I encourage everyone to go and view the African American Civil War information at the Oshtemo library.
Posted by: Laura E. Fowler ( Email ) at 2/20/2009 10:35 PM

Valerie, I visited Oshtemo last week and enjoyed seeing your display! Your family's personal connections to the events make history truly come alive. Thanks for putting this together so attractively and for blogging about it, too.
Posted by: Mary D ( Email ) at 2/23/2009 12:43 PM

Aunt've done it again! Thank you for researching and sharing our family history with so many. We appreciate all that you do.
Posted by: Edie, Alan & Marguerite Moe Walden-Kaufman ( Email ) at 2/24/2009 9:14 PM

Nice job Val. Knowing where we come from should help us know where we are going. The past is a reminder of our strength.
Posted by: Alexandria Osborne ( Email ) at 2/25/2009 9:25 PM

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