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New Computer Training Classes

May 30, 2008 09:29:50 PM


Kalamazoo, MI –

Four new classes have been added to our list of computer classes offered at KPL!  Here are their descriptions and dates.  No online registration is available for these, so be sure to call 269-553-7862 if you are interested in signing up!

Microsoft Publisher Basics 1 

The class will teach what Microsoft Publisher is and how to layout and print various items such as brochures, greeting cards and newsletters. Various fundamentals of desktop publishing will be discussed such as graphics and ways to include them, templates, wizards, file saving, and printing.

Prerequisite:  Word 1 or equivalent, plus basic computer usage and typing.

  • Wednesday, June 18 6 pm – 8 pm
  • Thursday, July 24 10 am – 12 pm


A blog is a “web log” and allows the user to post their thoughts as well as pictures and other media.  It can be used as a way to share events in your life with others via the Internet.  The KPL Staff Picks link on our website is a sample of a blog.

  • Friday, July 11 10 am – 12 pm

Digital Photo Sharing

This class will examine Flickr, Picasa, and BubbleShare—three ways to share your photos online.  NOTE:  This class is NOT about digital photography or using your digital camera.  If you have them, bring your photos saved on a CD or thumb drive for use in class.  You may also attend without saved photos.

  • Thursday, July 17 2 pm – 4 pm

Staying Safe on the Web

The internet has quickly become an essential means of communication, commerce, education and entertainment.  Unfortunately, this wonderful resource is not free from danger.  Your computer could get a virus.  Someone could break your password and get into your e-mail.  Your personal information could be stolen.  In a worst-case scenario your children could be solicited by someone with bad intentions.  How do you keep your information and your family safe?  While the answer isn’t exactly cut and dried, this class will raise your awareness and diligence for staying safe on the internet.

  • Friday, July 25 10 am – 12 pm

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I would highly suggest that everyone take an active interest in computer training. It's enabled me to work from home and provide for my family in these tough economic times. The internet is growing in scope every day. You cannot afford to get left behind!
There are many opportunities for internet jobs. I have just started trying some blogging. I am thinking about taking it to the next step and furthering my education is the only choice
I am so glad more and more people are getting involved in computer science - eventually we will have a brighter and more intelligent system one day.
I have never heard of Bubbleshare so I am learning already. Photosharing is a fast growing area on the internet and it is a lot of fun!
It is nice to see someone pushing the right path. Please come on and publish more. Computers and the internet will make more free people.