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Cobain in Kalamazoo

John Liberty's Gazette blog entry for today made me appreciate what was lost 15 years ago when Kurt Cobain died. I remember where I was when I was told the news and I am thankful to this day that I got to see Nirvana live before that day. Go home and give Nevermind another listen--it's as good as you remember it.


Wendy W.


Rolling Stone also had a little article a few months back about the kid in the cover photo of Nevermind. They re-did the picture, but this time he had some shorts on.
I had no idea the RS cover photo was taken here!Sadly, I never got to see Nirvana... The article mentions the Wings Stadium gig - they also played at Club Soda once, too. I miss those days!
I missed the Club Soda show because I ignorantly thought that every band that was on Sub Pop Records was some sort of mainstream college rock act thus missing them and regretting it ever since. However,they did stay that evening at my friend's house. Most who were witness to the Club Soda concert felt that Steel Pole Bathtub were a much better live act than Nirvana.
They re-did the picture, but this time he had some shorts on.
thank you very much for your information :D

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