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Soundtrack to a Michigan Fall

I’ve always thought of Neil Young as the Miles Davis of rock and roll because of his prolific career and the way in which he has embraced different musical styles and genres while inventing a few along the way (not always with the best results). The plaintive lyricism and beauty of his work during the early 1970’s is on display with classic albums “After the Gold Rush”, “Harvest” and “On the Beach”. There’s no better example of Young’s hushed and deeply personal laments during this time period then his “Live at Massey Hall” album from 1971. This album is a lovely soundtrack to the emergence of fall weather and color. Unearth that dusty cardigan, grab a cup of coffee and watch the early morning sun rise from behind the auburn and burnt umber landscape of autumnal Michigan.


Live at Massey Hall 1971 [sound recording]


Very interesting album. Thanks for talking about it on your blog! I'm fond of autumnal sad musics and love sharing them. It's a great discovery for me.
very good exalent...
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You are crazy man ?
Neil is special. I like the way he introduces "Don't Let it Bring You Down" on CSNY 4 Way Street: "It starts off kinda slow and then it trickles out altogether." Great songs.
Live at Massey Hall album, I remember a great musical performance.

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