Blues Time - “In Session”

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For anyone interested in hearing some real quality electric blues, In Session deserves NOT to be missed! The rare studio jam between legendary guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan and his influential mentor (and just as legendary) Albert King is all-around great stuff. The playing is top-notch and the men seem to really work well off of each other’s energy and enthusiasm.

There’s definitely a reason why Albert was Stevie’s blues idol. As any fan of Albert King knows, he commands a song with a presence on guitar truly unmatched. There have been several true “Kings” of electric blues, but perhaps only one that could stand on a stage, bend a single note, and blow the whole crowd away; that is the legacy and awesomeness of Albert.


In Session

Posted by John Lawrence at 02/21/2012 08:00:53 AM | 

This is a terrific piece - so glad it's finally been released officially. Good call, John!
Posted by: keith ( Email ) at 2/21/2012 7:59 AM

Thanks for sharing this amazing music with us!
Posted by: Amy Chase ( Email ) at 2/23/2012 10:01 AM

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