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A Little Town Called Pawnee

There have been a slew of Saturday Night Live alumni that haven’t accomplished much of anything after they departed from the long-running late night show. For every Tina Fey or Eddie Murphy, there have been countless cast members whose careers stalled. Fey’s good friend and sometime collaborator Amy Poehler, has had tremendous success with her hit show Parks and Recreation. I just love this show for its bumbling characters and madcap storylines, all of which center around the Parks and Recreation Department in the fictional city of Pawnee, Indiana. Longtime fans of the show The Office will recognize many similarities between the two series, including how the show is formatted, filmed and narrated. Here’s to hoping that the quirky, smart plotlines continue to stay fresh and hilarious.


Parks and Recreation


This is by far my favorite show currently on t.v.
Thanks for the updates, it was the impressive post. ---------- Andrew
I love it too! Especially the episode where Tom and Donna have "Treat Yo Self" day. So funny
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Love this show