Rabbit Hole

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Last year’s Rabbit Hole shares several thematic similarities with the Best Picture of 1980, Robert Redford’s Ordinary People. Both films tackle the subject of grief and how the painful loss of a child often can lead to marital strain as the two people struggle to forgive themselves and to move on with their lives. It’s a simple story: a young boy is accidentally killed while chasing the family dog into the street. The husband and wife, played with humanity and compassion by Aaron Eckhart and Nicole Kidman work through their emotional pain, sadness and guilt by taking different paths toward healing. I was most surprised by the range of emotional depth that Eckhart brought to his role. Overall, Rabbit Hole succeeds by not being heavy handed and manipulative but rather a genuine glimpse of two people trying to make sense of their new world.


Rabbit Hole

Posted by Ryan Gage at 07/20/2011 01:46:01 PM | 

I agree Eckhart emotional depth in the film was amazing. In the whole Rabbit hole is a fantastic film but very emotional. Nicole Kidman was fantastic, what an actress. She was so good that i forgot she was acting, she seemed like the real mother. I couldn't watch this feel again as it too sad and i don't want to get a heart ache again.
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