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Even before the credits roll, we are informed “My name is Temple Grandin. I’m not like other people!” From there we begin to learn what is unique about Temple. Temple Grandin, PhD -- author, renowned animal scientist, Harvard University professor-- is a brilliant woman with autism.

This movie depicts the story of Grandin’s earlier years, with humor and insight, through her education and as she launches into her career. With the support of her mother, aunt and a caring science teacher, Temple perseveres in her education and career, despite insensitive, sexist treatment from ranchers and academes, who don’t respect her behavior, way of asking questions and manner of dressing. As her story unfolds, we watch her design a more humane system for herding slaughterhouse cattle, and ultimately, we see her graduate.

Claire Danes’ performance as Grandin is captivating. See for yourself.


Temple Grandin

Posted by Christine Hann at 12/28/2011 10:42:32 AM | 

We saw this movie in a motel room on one of our many campus visits. The movie was captivating. We all were transfixed by it. Later when it was up for awards we were glad. It didn't get as much hype as some movies but it left a lasting impression AND it is about a REAL person.
Posted by: Gary ( Email ) at 5/21/2011 8:35 PM

Your blog must have put Temple's name in my subconscious. Tonight while channel surfing, I came across a Discovery Channel show: Ingenious Minds. She was the focus. I wondered "where have I seen her name/face before?" I am looking forward to viewing the film and reading her book.
Posted by: JenniferC ( Email ) at 5/21/2011 9:44 PM

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