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I actually saw 2001:  a Space Odyssey for the first time at my public library when I was a young kid.  My older brother said it was a classic and that we should go see it.  I don't even know what format it was in, because I think this was pre-video, but I remember sitting on folding chairs with about five other people to watch it projected on a portable screen.  I fell asleep during the beginning ape part, but managed to stay awake for the rest, once there started to be some dialogue.  I can't remember many details about the movie, but you can't forget that soothing, but creepy HAL computer voice. 

I was taken back to that day as I watched Duncan Jones' relatively new sci-fi movie Moon this past weekend.  In Moon, astronaut Sam Bell is at the end of his three year contract with a company that harvests energy for the earth from the moon.  All alone, except for a HAL like computer named GERTY, he monitors the harvesters and sends the energy to earth.  On a routine trip to check on the harvester machines, he crashes and then things start to get interesting.  Jones one ups HALs creepiness by having GERTY display a simple smiley face like image that changes to reflect the computer's "emotions" while it talks. 

I'm not a huge sci-fi movie fan, but I loved the mood this movie created and the plot twist that got you thinking a little.  Another movie I thought captured that great eerie space atmosphere was Solaris


Steve S


What a great film! It delivered what I expected from a review I had read. The pace, Spacey`s GERTY, the mood. I`m starting to appreciate more of Sam Rockwell`s work too.
Another great space movie has come in late 2013: Gravity. I think Alfonso Cuaron watched Moon and took notice of its best moments. As opposed to 2001: a Space Odyssey that (in spite of its great imagery and great visual effects) leaves you with uncertainty, a too open conclusion.

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