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Free college education...that's exactly what these Great Courses DVDs are. 

Our library has about 25 of these; type in "great courses" as a "series" search to find them all. To get the many, many more that are out there, get them through MelCat with your KPL card! That's how I get most of mine. Again, type "great courses" as a "series title" search. Or you could ask us to buy one.

They also come in audiobook format (CD and cassette), for listening in your car or on your ipod. I cannot express how happy I am that these exist, and that libraries like ours have them. Any person with a library card can really know a lot about a lot of different subjects, in much less time and effort than ever. Carnegie, the great philanthropist, thought of libraries as great equalizers, places where poor immigrants could "catch up." Imagine what he would think of these! The old idea of the "renaissance man" is in some ways more real. These are taught by world renown professors, exciting, understandable. Older people love watching these to learn new things, keep their mind sharp, and brush up on things. Pre-college students love watching them to get a head start on everybody else. I wish I knew about these when I was younger!

Free college education (without the degree of course) is catching on more and more. Universities like Yale and MIT have posted several of their courses online, for free. Academic Earth is the Hulu for such video lectures.


Great Courses

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