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When I visited some friends in Boston last year, they told me I had to watch their new favorite show, Modern Family, with them.  We laughed, cackled, and guffawed our way through two episodes of Ed O'Neill's (the guy who play Al Bundy in Married with Children) new family sitcom, which finds him newly married to a much younger woman from Colombia who has a child.  From his earlier marriage, he has a daughter who is married and has three children, and a son who is in a same-sex relationship and has adopted a daughter.  The show just won the Best Comedy Emmy Award. 

I was excited that the library bought the first season on DVD so I could see everything that I missed last year.  In fact, this is almost the only way I watch tv shows anymore.  I love being able to watch all the shows in a compact amount of time; sometimes one a night for a few weeks.  It's also great to have the option to watch another episode right away when you are really hooked.

Here are some other shows the library owns that I have really enjoyed watching on DVD:

Friday Night Lights

30 Rock


Six Feet Under



Modern Family




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